2018 Digital Marketing Trends

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Not Preparing A Mobile, Social and Video Strategy is Preparing To Lose Market

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We’re here to help with the latest trends on Social, Video, Mobile and Search Capabilities. These trends will help you find ways to stay current while still saving you time.

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google desktop search stats grapihcGoogle’s move to mobile-first search is a direct answer to consumer behavior. They are choosing to ensure that search results are relevant for the majority of consumers using their service. It makes sense and Google is leading the way.



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82% of the global internet is predicted to be video traffic by 2021. Jump in now and get ahead of the pack.






90 precent graphicThe internet has leveled the playing field considerably in terms of who is able to influence the public. Reviews Matter!








content marketing graphicIf your website doesn’t contain the content users are looking for they are looking somewhere else.






google q graphicNow reviewers can even answer questions about your business, post photos, videos and interact Socially. Don’t ignore them.









fb ad graphic From Live Events, Chatbots, Augmented & Virtual Reality. Facebook will be commanding more of our attention in 2018.

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