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Online display ads are the different size ads that appear next to the content on a web page or app. They can be located on the top, side, bottom, and natively embedded in the displayed page. Due to technology changes, these ads are transforming the future of online advertising. Ad waste is slowly being eliminated by the ability to target your ideal customer or clients, based on where they have physically been, what they have searched, or websites they have visited.  With any number of combinations of user behavior and locations.  As technology improves so does the number of companies utilizing this way to advertise.  At MPH we believe that online display ads are a great way to increase brand recognition and grow leads to your business.

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Why Choose MPH For Display Ads?


  • Behavioral Targeting – allows us to monitor a user’s online footprints to better understand their interests and activities. We use first-party data and Google search history to find people that are actively searching for products or services you offer.  We then compile this information to best suit the products and services our clients offer and target an in-market user with relevant ads.
  • Contextual Targeting – permits us to monitor what websites people visit. When a user conducts a search for a product or service and visits websites in your industry, we then serve your ad on that website to entice them while they are still in the buying cycle.
  • Geographical Targeting – we serve your ads to potential leads only in the areas or geos you choose. We can geo target your ads to display your message to a national, regional, or local audience. We have the geo targeting technology to geo target specific zip codes, individual businesses or business groups, or any set of coordinates on the map.
  • Retargeting – using cookies, we focus on previous visitors to your website and continue to deliver your message. Not all visitors convert into leads the first time they see your site. This keeps you top of mind while users are in the buying cycle.
  • Programmatic Buying Options – We can make sure your ad maximizes its reach at the most cost-efficient method with programmatic buying on Demand Side Platforms or DSPs.  We can bid on particular sites, user behaviors and very targeted user locations.

Custom art design

  • Our graphic designers create top quality full color ads using your logo and message. Whether your focus is brand awareness or driving sales, we build multiple ads and tailor them to fit your needs.
  • We focus on the call to action elements of your ads and monitor user engagement. Using tracking data we alter and revamp your ads constantly for optimum performance.

Tracking interface

  • We provide you with all the data in real-time. You are able to see how many users have seen your ad along with how many people clicked thru to your site.
  • We can show you which ads are receiving the clicks and why some perform better than others.
  • We can build you a landing page with a unique tracking number so you can see who is calling you, and their contact information, and even record the conversation to see how many leads convert into customers.

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