Google Local Service Ads

What are Google Local Service Ads?

Google local service ads also know as Google Guaranteed ads are a new form of marketing on Google where you can pay per phone call that you receive. You pick what areas you’d like your ad to appear in, the services you’d like to offer, and the budget you’re willing to spend for the month. It’s not available for every line of business, but it is expanding rapidly.

Not everyone is familiar with these ads because they are relatively new, so as an advertiser, you have a competitive advantage by getting involved before everyone else does.

As a consumer, using a business that is running a local service ad has an advantage because Google guarantees that the company you choose will get the job done right. If for some reason there are issues with your project and you are not satisfied, Google may refund your project for up to $2,000.

Here’s what the ads look like on Google:

Local Service Ads

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How Do Local Service Ads Differ From Pay Per Click Ads?

The biggest difference between local service ads and pay per click ads are that with local service ads, you are paying per call NOT per click. Google will give you a local phone number that forwards the calls to your actual phone number. You create a profile with reviews, hours of operations, service area, and services you offer. You’ll also have to complete a background check from Google, making sure your company is licensed and insured.

The placement of the ads also differs. The local service ads are placed above the pay per click ads. Everyone always wants to have the top spot, so local service ads can help with the visibility of your ads.


Why use MPH for Google Local Service Ads?

Here at MPH Marketing Solutions we set up your Google local service ads campaign through our dedicated Google representative. We also listen to every call you receive to make sure that they are good leads. If the call is spam, is asking for a service you don’t offer, or is out of your area, we will dispute the call for you to get you a refund on that lead.

Contact us today to find out if you qualify for Google Local Service ads!