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Having A Bad Website Can Hurt Your Business

April 4, 2022

Here’s a depressing scenario. Someone introduces you to a potential client. They’re a warm, if not a scorching, lead. They do what everyone else does before contacting you: they go to your website to check you out. Then there was nothing. They don’t make an appointment with you. There was no email inquiry. Nothing. Nothing…

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What Does SEO Look Like In 2022

March 14, 2022

The Most Relevant and Accurate Content Will Be Displayed In The Results Content Relationship to the Inquiry: Irrelevant titles with misleading titles will no longer appear in the page results. Google’s algorithm is improving its ability to recognize content that contains the most relevant and trustworthy information. By 2022, SEO rankings are expected to be…

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Why Choose Online Marketing Over Traditional Marketing

April 19, 2019

Why Choose Online Marketing Over Traditional Marketing As a small business owner, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed in the world of marketing. In this post we hope to give a concise summary of the benefit to online marketing and why it’s an ever-growing industry. First, when it comes to reaching a large audience,…

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