Why Choose Online Marketing Over Traditional Marketing

Why Choose Online Marketing Over Traditional Marketing

As a small business owner, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed in the world of marketing. In this post we hope to give a concise summary of the benefit to online marketing and why it’s an ever-growing industry.

First, when it comes to reaching a large audience, there’s no better place than the internet. The average American spends 24 hours a week online, (according to this study) which means that if they’re looking for a company, it’s the first place most people will turn. If customers search “places near me,” having a website where they can see a menu, view your products, or see the inside of your studio may be the deciding factor between your business and someone else. With the world of convenience, online marketing is a must.

Choosing Online Marketing Is Cost Effective

Digital marketing will save you money over advertising with billboards or print. For example, the cost of a large billboard in Detroit, MI ranges from $1,500-$5,000 in areas with good traffic exposure. This means if you want to keep a billboard up for half the year, at the very minimum it will cost you $9,000. Companies like Clear Channel are ditching their billboards because the ROI attributed to billboards is on the decline.  However, with that same $9,000 geared towards digital marketing, you could:

* Create an engaging and modern website

* Set up Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with Google, Yahoo, or Bing

* Social advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more geared towards your specific audience

It is clear that digital advertising will save you money, but how do you know if it works? While with traditional marketing you rely on customers telling you what brought them in, with digital you receive that data using Google Analytics, recording your click through rate (CTR), or other site-specific data. This information is invaluable when you’re just starting out–it can help you see if you should adjust your marketing plan, keywords, or target audience.

Directly Interact With Your Customers

Lastly, the use of social media for small companies can help not only to build relationships with customers, but to give your business validity and even give you information on what consumers are looking for. By creating a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even a LinkedIn, you’re allowing customers to engage with your company. While you do not need to be like MoonPie–whose funny and oftentimes outlandish tweets helped them gain popularity amongst a younger audience–having a social media page can offer some personality and depth to your brand. For some, that may mean sharing posts of cute dogs in your neighborhood every Friday, for others it may mean offering a raffle for deals every other month. It’s up to you, but it allows you to have some fun in the world of marketing, while also getting your name out there with potential and new customers.

Digital advertising is an effective and exciting new tool that will be sure to help your new business. Reach out to MPH Marketing Solutions today to push your business into high gear.

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